On-line Contractors Public and Products Liability Insurance

Thank you for considering our on-line contractors public and products liability insurance service.   Because Greater National Group is an insurance broker, not an insurance company, we will process your application with major insurance companies in order to find the right contractors public and products liability insurancefor you.

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Limit of Liability Required:
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$5,000,000 $10,000,000 $15,000,000 $20,000,000
Public Liability (any one occurrence)
Products Liability (each Period of Insurance)
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8. Details of all claims or incidents in the past 5 years (incl. Contributing deductibles):
9. Existing deductible: $
10. Estimated annual Turnover, split by occupation, if applicable:
11. Estimated annual wages: $
12. Are Labour Hire personnel engaged by the Insured under a Contract of Service?
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If Yes, please advise estimated payments to such personnel and the activities performed:
13. Do hired personnel work under the supervision of the Insured or that of the provider?
Insured Provider
14. Are Contractors or Sub Contractors engaged by the Insured?
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15. Estimated percentage of payroll split between work at and away from your own premises:
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16. Is work performed away from your premises?
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If Yes, please provide details of such work, including duties undertaken, sites worked on and estimated % of turnover derived from such work:
17. Is any work performed on the following sites:
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Underground sites
Mine sites
Oil or gas production facilities
Chemical works
Security sensitive sites
If any of the sites have been selected, please provide a full description of work performed:
18. Do you agree to indemnify or hold harmless any other parties, by written agreement or otherwise?
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19. Limit of Indemnity: $
20. Does the Insured operate to relevant Australian Standards for the industry involved?